Toddler Cutlery Tableware – 3 pcs.

  • Ergonomically correct cutlery

  • Recommended age: 6+ months

  • No BpA, Phthalate or PVC

  • Spoon, Fork, Knife

kr. 199,00

  • Ryd

Toddler cutlery is a series of ergonomic eating tools, designed according to a child’s abilities and the special way a child grabs a hold of things. While cutlery for adults is designed to be light and delicate, the Toddler cutlery is rounded and plump in order to properly fill the palm of a child’s hand. This makes it easier for the child to control, until their motor skills are fully developed.

The size of the spoon, fork and knife are thoroughly established based on the size of the child’s hand. Toddler cutlery is designed with a focus on optimal comfort, safety and functionality. Additionally, the fork is designed with a double curvature so that it can work as both a spoon and fork. Recommended age: 6+ months.
Produced in ABS. No BpA, Phthalate or PVC
Dishwasher proof.

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