Our mission is to help you continue being the best mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or uncle etc, for your child. We do this by developing products that actually work for the child, giving them a feeling of success, and making everyday life for the adult a little bit easier. Children have a natural curiosity towards life and a hunger to learn. It is a part of their instinct. The small ones copy the conduct of adults and hope to succeed with what they do. When the small child succeeds in doing what adults do, it strengthens their self-esteem and encourages their hunger to learn more.

At Toddler Copenhagen we recognize the importance of asking children, adults and experts for advice when we develop products for children. Only then will we end up with the best, most functional products. The relationship with you is therefore essential to us and we hope that you want to help us in becoming the best children’s design company in the world.

Open source

We believe that two heads think better than one and that talent and good ideas can be found in everyone. We are not the “not invented here” types and we know that cooperation with anyone who has an input or experience within our field is the road to developing the best products for our children.

Toddler Talent

Are you the next Toddler Talent? Do you have a great idea for a new product or maybe an existing one? Do you have any input on our products or ideas for a products expansion? Tell us about your needs and thoughts and let us together work with them.

Let’s meet up

We regularly arrange our Toddler Time events where we would love to see you. Otherwise find us on Facebook or Instagram, call us, or stop by the office in Lyngby. Your interest means everything to us.