Toddler Copenhagen started in 2008 when designer Josefine Bentzen came and showed us her unique and beautiful ideas for an ergonomic series of childrens cutlery. We were immediately impressed and after several years of further developments we launched the first Toddler product in 2010.

Soon after, the cup, the plate and the bowl followed all designed with the same principles regarding ergonomics and functionality. This was the start of Toddler Copenhagen and today we carry products for bath-time and textile products too.


At Toddler Copenhagen we put children first. We take their demands and needs seriously and develop products which helps them in their natural development and supports their creativity. Children have a natural curiosity towards life and a hunger to learn. When children experience success they become more confident and more eager to learn.

Small children are independent individuals – they can and want to do everything on their own. It comes down to the act of giving them the right tools and that is exactly what we at Toddler Copenhagen want to help them with. All our products are thought through and every curve has a purpose.


Lars Forsberg: Co-owner and Product Manager.
With a head full of ideas, Lars is one of the leading forces in the development of new products. With an engineer background, production and materials is also his expertise.

Peter Andersen: Co-owner and Financial Manager.
Peter is the man behind the scenes, with full control over finance, storage, customers, orders etc.

Michelle Gønge: Co-owner and Sales/Marketing Manager.
As the face outwards, Michelles primary responsibilities include representing Toddler in regards to; distributors, stores, customers etc., developing marketing material, manage social media and organizing events.

In addition to this, we have a bunch of competent people helping us with a number of things regarding sales, customer support, marketing, product development etc.