Children are the focus of Toddler Copenhagen and in our development of children products, we always try to solve a problem, satisfy a need, as well as helping a child with their natural development. For us it is all about giving the child success and about always being the best choice for the child. Therefore children and their parents serve as our core of inspiration when developing new products. We cannot invent the bowl ourselves, no- we need the help from the children and the parents who will be using it.

For us, the children are the experts and we have therefore composed an expert panel that together with us will develop, try and evaluate our products.
Only this way will we ensure the function of our products and have them make a difference in the lives of children and parents.

Luciana Orejuela
Born: 15.02.15
Ethnicity: Ecuador/Italy
Hometown: Copenhagen
Favorite dish: Fish Pasta

Amelia Rogalewska
Born: 20.11.14
Ethnicity: Poland
Hometown: Vanløse
Favorite dish: Pasta and Cornflakes

Nord Falkenberg Gønge
Born: 04.01.15
Ethnicity: Denmark
Hometown: Tårnby
Favorite dish: Meatballs and sauce

Emily Surdu
Born: 03.01.15
Ethnicity: Moldova
Hometown: Amager
Favorite dish: Fish and Pasta

Vincent Gbati Gustafson
Born: 26.05.14
Ethnicity: West Africa/Denmark
Hometown: Kastrup
Favorite dish: Lasagne

Silas Shrestha
Born: 24.10.14
Ethnicity: Nepal
Hometown: Copenhagen
Favorite dish: Pizza and Cornflakes