Toddler Tableware Giftset – 6 pcs.

  • Ergonomically correct tableware

  • Recommended age: 6+ months

  • No BpA, phthalate or PVC

  • Plate, Bowl, Cup, Spoon, Fork and Knife

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Toddler cutlery is a series of ergonomic eating tools, designed according to a child’s abilities and the special way a child grabs a hold of things.
While cutlery for adults is designed to be light and delicate, the Toddler cutlery is rounded and plump in order to properly fill the palm of a child’s hand. This makes it easier for the child to control, until their motor skills are fully developed.

The size of the spoon, fork and knife are carefully determined based on the size of the child’s hand. Toddler cutlery is designed with a focus on optimal comfort, safety and functionality. Additionally, the fork is designed with a double curvature so that it can work as both a spoon and fork.

The cup is designed so that the child, without the help from an adult, can lift the cup from the table, drink and put it back down.
Regular cups for children are usually too big, clumsy and slippery. They tip over easily and do not provide the child with control.
The Toddler cup is small, fits in the palm of a child’s hand and does not tip over easily. It is easier to drink a full, small cup, than a half full, big cup.

The oval design of the plate and bowl ensures less food waste, as the child’s movement pattern goes from side to side. The thick dimensions and the choice of material provide weight and stability. The high and thick side of the plate also helps ensure, that no food is pushed over its edge, and it is also good for the child to hold on to.

Produced in ABS and TPE.
Dishwasher proof.

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