Toddler Cup

  • Ergonomically correct cup

  • Non-Tip over effect

  • Recommended age: 6+ months

  • No BpA, Phthalate or PVC

kr. 99,00

  • Clear

Toddler Table series is designed based on a child’s needs, desire to manage on his/her own, and motor skills.

The cup is designed so that the child, without the help of an adult, can lift the cup from the table, drink and put it back down.
Regular cups for children are usually too big, clumsy and slippery. They tip over easily and do not provide the child with control.
The Toddler cup is small, fits in the palm of a child’s hand and does not tip over easily. It is easier to drink out of a full, small cup than out of a half full, big cup.

Produced in ABS and TPE.
Dishwasher proof.

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