Why is Toddler Tableware better than other tableware?

When designing for children, many tend to take adult products and just make them smaller in the belief that it is the way that suits the child. But this is completely wrong.
The Toddler Tableware series is based on the child and its physical and mental ability and then designing products adapted to the child. Therefore, the Toddler tableware series is better as it is designed for the child and to help the child develop and succeed.

Are there any harmful substances in the products?

All Toddler Copenhagen products are produced in the best materials without harmful substances. The tableware series is also produced in food approved materials without BpA, Phthalates and PVC.

Is the Toddler Tableware dishwasher safe?

The entire tableware series can withstand a dishwasher and does not lose colour or function due to frequent washing.

Is the Toddler Tableware microwave safe?

The toddler plate and the bowl can withstand the microwave containing most types of food, but some spices like curry, tomato sauce etc. can provide discolorations in the white plastic. We have therefore stopped recommending this. However, using a microwave does not damage or harm the quality and function, but only risks a discoloration.

Is the Toddler Tableware safe to use?

Yes, the Toddler Tableware has been tested in collaboration with Cand Scient Søren Bilsøe, who is a specialist in children’s motor skills and development. All the materials used are food approved and purified for phthalates, other plasticizers, PVC and bisphenols.

Why does the cutlery look, like it does?

The design of the cutlery is based on the fact that children in the early stage deal with things in a completely different way than adults. They need a short and thick grip to fill out the whole hand, for better hand-to-mouth control. Later they can balance the cutlery at the fingers, but not in the beginning. That’s why the cutlery has a shabby shape and a grip of rubber to give the best possible friction.
The knife works differently than a regular knife, because children in that age cannot make the “cut-motion” from side to side. The Toddler knife is therefore designed to “chop” the food instead. The fork is shaped like a spoon, because of the way children shovels up their food. Everything is from the toddler’s point of view.